"Better Late Than Never" has become more then a montra, as this Independent Hip Hop artist makes waves in the lyrical pool. After dropping his first EP, titled "Better Late Then Never," in January 2016, Shootermakaveli contributed "365 Phlavaz" of head-bobbing tracks in a series of mixtapes released monthly by Rebel Musick in 2014. His highly anticipated hit single IM WIT IT took over the mixtape scene ALL summer '16-and is scheduled to KILL the holiday season with performances all over TEXAS, and radio play in Chicago, San diego, and Houston. ShooterMAC will be dropping another EP at the top of 2017 called "Supah Soul"  so you will hardly catch this lyrical mastermind on the Houston streets-NOT WORKING.

Born during the emergence of hip hop as a culture, Kelven Hunter Jr., popularly referred to as "Shootermakaveli," or "ShooterMAC" entered life in the 1980’s. Growing up in a neighborhood known as "Acres Home," located on the well known north side of Houston, Texas. Shootermakaveli experienced tragedy early in his childhood when his grandmothers home burned to the ground, killing his grandfather. After the loss of his childhood home, ShooterMAC and his grandmother relocated to the northeastern side of Houston where he graduated from SMILEY high school under the stern upbringing of his grandmother.

" I think I developed an ear for music in my younger days riding in the car with my dad," Shootermakaveli reminisced to his first run-in with hip hop at the age of 7. "I remember when I first heard “A Pocket Full of Stones” by UGK... and that just did something to my mind..." Other influences came directly from the streets of Houston, as Scarface and Chamillionaire stood up for his home city. As life continuously threw Shootermakaveli curve balls, he was constantly ridiculed for being the new kid from the other side of town, and also the darkest. Isolating himself from the taunts, Shootermakaveli grabbed his pen and went to work. He would lose himself in the hip hop that bonded him with his father. Deeper and more detailed his rap passion became, and along with it came a fast -paced freestyle that he became known for during his time attending Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas.

Kelven Hunter Jr. gave the "old college try" for a year and a half before dropping out and taking a job at The Port of Houston. He worked his 9-5 job at the Port, and worked on his musical craft, hitting the Houston underground circuit, and uniting with KOB Ent. At that point, Shootermakaveli had found his niche with fellow artists that shared his lyrical passion.

As he grew older, ShooterMAC expanded his hip hop influences to include artists like Eminem, Kanye West, and 2Pac. “ I really feel like I am a vessel lyrically. I feel that you have to view life with a certain depth perception, to really show and prove lyrically." His southern drawl, and empowering lyrics carved Kelven "Shootermakaveli" Hunter Jr. into a rare sounding, lyrical-bar-spitting Houston artist.




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